They're Finally Here!

Our trees are finally here! The website inventory will be updated this coming Saturday, March 30th. Keep in mind that Monday is a holiday for our courier, Canada Post, so shipments going to farther locations such as Ontario and east won't be shipped until the following week.

Thanks to the 102 new Japanese maple varieties in this shipment, plus all the other ones we have had in previous seasons, we now will have more than 150 varieties to choose from. 

I will make many videos and try to upload pictures of the trees as I can. Stay tuned.

Finally, I am working on using a smaller box than our current "small" to ship single, small trees. This will provide a savings of about $25 from customers east of Manitoba over the currently approximated prices on our shipping chart. Note, I haven't had a chance to update the approximated shipping costs this year so the actual charges are a little more expensive than shown in the chart. This won't translate here on the west side of the country, since shipping is far more reasonable,  but that extra $25 off will help some of you farther away from our location.

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