Once You Receive Your Tree

Trees don't live inside boxes! Ya, obviously. So, there's an adjustment for the tree(s) when it arrives at your home and you unbox it and present it to the world again. At this time there's a few things you should do.

First and foremost, carefully unwrap the packaging. This starts with the box itself and then onto the contents. A lot of care goes into making sure the tree(s) are safely contained in a package and this means it may take some time to unpack them. Once your tree(s) are unpackaged and the plastic is taken off the containers, water them immediately. The old adage of watering a plant until water comes out the bottom is not accurate at all. Plants can hold a lot more water than that. So, water it until you see water come out and then, water it some more. A skill to learn with potted plants is to note how the plant feels when it's dry and how it feels when it's wet. This goes a long way towards knowing when it's time to water. But in this situation, we want you to water your tree. Remember, it was in a box, it's thirsty!

The next thing you should do is to place your tree(s) in a location that does not receive direct, hot sun. At least for a few days. Filtered light is best or even a bright but shady location. Ideally, your tree(s) will spend as little time as possible in transit but occasionally the shipment takes longer than it should. So, in the meantime, the leaves get a little desensitized to sun. They are more tender at this point. 

Over the next few days, watch your tree(s) and water as necessary. We know you won't forget because you will be so excited to have them you won't stop looking at them, right? 

As long as you aren't experiencing an extreme heatwave during this settling in period, you should be good to place your tree(s) in a more permanent location after about 3-4 days. 

If you have any other questions we are always here to help. Contact us at, info@simplyjapanesemaples.ca