Q: Can you really send trees in the mail? 

A: Yes, many nurseries do this every single day. There are many challenges, but it's a real thing.

Q: How long will it take to receive my tree in the mail?

A:  2-4 days.  We use Canada Post Xpresspost delivery to all Canadian locations. 

Q: How much does it cost to ship a tree?

A: Refer to our Shipping page for details. It's more economical for your shipping dollar to fit as many trees into a single box than simply one.

Q: How many trees fit into one box?

A: (Short Answer)

Small box: 2, one gallon sizes.

Medium box: 1, two gallon size and 1-2, one gallons, or 3, one gallon sizes.

Large box: 4, one gallon sizes. Or 2, two gallon sizes and 1-2, one gallons.

Q: Can I use a slower shipping method to save money?

A: No. Past experience with longer shipping times has proven to have tragic consequences!  Trees don't live in boxes nor do they want to.         

Q: Why are so many trees sold out?

A: Japanese maples are special trees and they don't come off an assembly line, so availability varies from year to year. Factors such as weather, disease, pests and genetics all present potential obstacles to grafting and growing Japanese maples. On the positive side, this is part of why it's so special when you finally find the one you've been looking for. 

Q: Why do you only ship to Canadian addresses?

A: Sadly, shipping outside of our borders is fraught with all kinds of challenges. Fortunately, Americans (specifically) have access to a number of mail order nurseries in the USA.