The 3 Gallon Challenge

If you missed one of our recent blog posts where we discussed the possibility of shipping 3 gallon trees then let's get you up to speed. For this season we want to make 3 gallon trees available for mail order. We don't officially have everything set up for this on our website as of yet however, if you see a tree in a 3 gallon size you would like to order, please contact us and we will do everything we can to make this work.

Where will 3 gallons fit into the shipping cost category? Expect that the shipping cost will sit somewhere between a medium and a large box. Refer to the table on the shipping page under the one gallon section. There you will see quantities of 1-2, 3, and 4-5. Each one of these quantities corresponds to a size of box. Small, medium and large. The prices are listed there.

Find the shipping page here.

Shipping trees is not cheap! So, as we always say, it's better to maximize the amount of trees you can fit into your order to get the best value from your shipping costs. Refer to our shipping page to get a sense of what trees fit into each size of box. Also, you can check the YouTube link below for a short video on how many trees and what sizes fit into each box.


Further to our desire to be able to offer greater flexibility when it comes to shipping we will be attempting to customize some of our pre-existing package sizes. We currently have three different package sizes. Believe it or not, buying boxes is not cheap either! So, without having to go out and custom order more sizes we will simply combine boxes to create new, larger boxes. This is still in the planning stages but something we hope to offer in order to create more flexibility when it comes to your orders.

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