July 12 Availability

Here's our availability as of July 12. For 3 gallon purchases, contact me directly and I will send a draft invoice. Expect the shipping to be approximately the same as would be the cost for a large box (click here for shipping table in Shipping menu). For the "too tall" 2 gallons, also contact me directly for purchase. Here's the list:

2 Gallon:

A.p. 'Koto-no-ito', A.p. 'Shishigashira', A.p. 'Green Elf', A.p. 'Skeeter's Broom', A. j. 'Aconitifolium', A.p. 'Hiryu', A.p. dissectum 'Flavescens', A.p. dissectum 'Germaine's Gyration', A.p. 'Nicholsonii'

2 Gallon Too Tall:

A.p. 'Gold Digger', A.p. 'Tsukushigata', A.p. 'Uzen nishiki'

3 Gallon:

A.p. 'Grandma Ghost', A.p. 'Kurui jishi', A.p. 'White Peaches', A.p. 'Amagi shigure'

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