Bits and Bites

We've had an overwhelmingly positive start to the season this year. Not entirely surprising considering the amazing trees we have available, and the growing interest in Japanese maples. This response, combined with Canada Post being on holiday Monday, April 1st, means the shipping of some orders will be delayed. 

Orders from:

1) Saskatchewan and locations east of there will be sent Monday, April 8th.

2) BC and AB orders will be sent out Tuesday, April 2nd, as quickly as we can handle them. Anything not sent out on Tuesday will be sent Monday, April 8th. 

Another thing, approximated shipping costs shown on the drop down menu under "shipping" on the home page have not been updated in 2024. There have definitely been increases. These will be reflected when you see the charges in your cart nearing checkout. NOTE: Sometimes when you order more than 4 trees or a combination of 2 gallon and 1 gallon trees the prices given are not the best prices available. But this is the limitation of how the orders are calculated with regards to shipping charges. When I review the orders, if I see how the packaging can be made more efficient or where sizes of trees permit, I can adjust shipping charges accordingly. This is not a given. If you have a question about the shipping charges before or after you purchase, please don't hesitate to ask.

Appreciate the support everyone. 


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