Availability List June 20/24

Happy Summer All,

We have sold a lot of trees this season thanks to you. First off, thank you. Secondly, I know some people like a list of trees instead of having to comb through many webpages so here it is. We realized as we made this list that there are many amazing trees available. Please note, the sizes with the asterisk (*) denote a non-conforming size tree that doesn't fit into the appropriate box. We suggest contacting us prior to ordering.

Acer japonicum

'Emmitt's Pumpkin' 2g*, 'O isami' 1g, 'Taki no gawa' 1g*

Acer palmatum

'Aoyagi' 1g, 'Beni otake' 1g, 'Blonde Beauty' 2g*, 'Chiri hime' 2g*, 'Chuguji' 2g, 'Diva' 2g*, 'Elegans' 1g, 'Emperor 1' 1g, 'Fascinaton' 1g, 'Fireglow' 2g, 'Gaki no sugi' 1&2g, 'Goshiki kotohime' 2g, 'Harvest Orange' 1g, 'Hiryu' 2g, 'Hupp's Red Willow' 2g, 'Iijima sunago' 1g, 'Jubilee' 1&2g, 'Kawahara no midori' 1g, 'Ki Hachijo' 2g*, 'Koto-no-ito' 2g, 'Koyamandi nishiki' 1g, 'Kurohime' 2g, 'Matsukaze' 1g, 'Nebula' 1g, 'Nicholsonii' 1&2g, 'Okina' 1g, 'Omure yama' 1&2g, 'Osakazuki' 2g*, 'Oshio-beni' 1g, 'Peve Starfish' 2g, 'Phantom Flame' 1g, 'Purple Ghost' 1g, 'Red Pygmy' 1g, Rhode Island Red 2g, 'Rite of Spring' 1g, 'Ryusen' 2g*, 'Sagara nishiki' 1g, 'Sawa chidori' 1&2g, 'Seiun kaku' 1g, 'Shidava Gold' 1g*, 'Shirazz' 2g, 'Shojo' 1g, 'Skeeter's Broom' 2g*, 'Taiyo nishiki' 1g, 'Takao' 1g, 'Taro yama' 1g, 'Tiger Rose' 1g, 'Trompenburg' 2g, 'Tsukasa Silhouette' 2g*, 'Tsuma beni' 1g, 'Tsuma gaki' 1g, 'Villa Taranto' 1g, 'Wakehurst Pink' 1g, 'Yasemin' 1g

Acer palmatum dissectum

'Autumn Fire' 1g, 'Beni kumo no-su' 1g, 'Crimson Princess' 1g, 'Crimson Queen' 1&2g, 'Dad's Best' 1g, 'Dr. Brown' 2g, 'Eagle's Claw' 1g, 'Flavescens' 2g, 'Germaine's Gyration' 2g, 'Heartbeat' 1g, 'Inaba shidare' 2g, 'Irish Lace' 1&2g, 'Lemon Lime Lace' 1g, 'Octopus' 1g, 'Ornatum' 1g, 'Orangeola' 2g, 'Otto's Dissectum' 1g, 'Pink Filigree' 1g, 'Pink Lace' 1&2g, 'Red Dragon' 1g, 'Shu shidare' 1g, 'Tamukeyama' 1g, 'Van den Akker' 1g

Acer shirasawanum

'Autumn Moon' 2g, 'Bronze Age' 1&2g*, 'Seasons of Change' 2g*, 'Sensu' 1g*

Companion Trees

Cham. obtusa 'Nana lutea' 1g, Gingko 'Spring Grove' 1g, Picea glauca 'Golden Harbour' 1g, Picea pungens 'Baby Blue Eyes' 1g, Pinus sylvestris 'Globosa Viridis' 1g, Pinus sylvestris 'Green Penguin', Pinus thunbergii 'Yatsubusa'


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