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I have to tell you, I love it when customer share stories and pictures of their gardens with me. I get as much joy from this as I do when I get to gather up the trees for someone's order from us or even when I'm purchasing my own tree from a garden centre. Gardening is amazing, plants are amazing, and plant people are great. 

With this in mind, I want to put out an open invite to anyone wishing to share their tree pictures with Simply Japanese Maples to be used for showcasing what a cultivar looks like on our website. There's no monetary reward for our use other than to give credit to the source of the picture. We aim to have great, and accurate images of what the various trees look like, spring, summer and fall but it can be a challenge to have enough seasonal images of each of our trees.

To date, the way we obtain images are from having the opportunity to have a tree over several seasons, or we obtain images locally from trees we come across, or from permission from tree owners like you. Like I said, an open invite, no expectations at all.

On the flip side, if you are interested in a tree we have for sale but there are no images I suggest the following. Start with a web search of a tree. For example, you look up "Bloodgood Japanese maple". You will discover a number of nurseries selling this cultivar. Some of the best resources for images and information of the cultivar include the following: Mr. Maple, Mendocino Maples, Conifer Kingdom, and Essence of the Tree. These are all American nurseries that you will come across when doing a web search of a tree. Mr. Maple is the best resource usually but sometimes a cross reference of a couple nurseries doesn't hurt. And before you get too excited, you won't be able to order from any of those US nurseries! There are many barriers to doing this, and the same goes for us to sell to US customers, so Simply Japanese Maples is your source of mail order Japanese maples in Canada. But, you probably already know this. 

All the best everyone. Soon our maples will be coming alive and soon we'll be sending great trees all over the country again.


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  • Happy to share pictures of our cultivars for info and your site. Do u want close up’s or full tree pics?


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