XL Trees Deal (Alberta & BC Customers)

Hello Alberta and BC Customers:

We want to sell off our 1 and 2 gallon trees which are too tall and don't conform to the boxes we wish we could fit them into. Therefore, we are offering the XL Tree Deal to our AB and BC customers as follows(Deal not extended to customers in the east due to the high cost of the XL box required for shipping. AB& BC customers should expect shipping costs to be similar to a large package):

Using discount code at checkout, "XLDeal": 

Buy one, 2 gallon tree from our XL list (clickable links below), and

two, 1 gallon trees from our XL list, and get the second 1 gallon tree for 75% off.

That's three trees, including 75% off the second 1 gallon tree.

These trees all range between 4-6' tall so perfect for those of you wishing to get a little bit of height already in your trees. In addition, the 1 gallon trees should all be ready for potting up to the next size, so good value in these 1 gallon trees. The sale will be on until May 31st or while supplies last.

The XL List

2 Gallon:

Bronze Age, Nebula, Jubilee, Sawa chidori, Osakazuki, Diva, Mirte, and Uzen Nishiki

1 Gallon:

Ever Autumn, Seiryu, Mirte, Fall's Fire, Shidava Gold, Green Tea, Burgundy Lace, Nuresagi, Trompenburg and Taki no gawa


The attached picture gives a sample of the many XL trees available.

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