We Love Japanese Maples

It's been about a year since Simply Japanese Maples was created. It's a ton of work and so many little details but slowly we are gaining traction. We have met some really great people in the nursery business and are excited about the future. And equally as important, we are very grateful to our "early adopters" (our first customers) . Not only are you helping to prove our concept, but you are helping us iron out the bugs, if you will. And, you end up with great trees!

So far, we have sent trees to happy customers in Ontario and within BC. We had to adjust some shipping charges to make sure it all works. And recently, we ordered a fancy pneumatic stapler which will enable us to build the best possible shipping boxes and inserts to keep the trees snug and secure while also keeping the packing to a minimum. It matters to us that we not only keep the packaging to a minimum, but also that you aren't left with all that plastic, paper and cardboard.

We have had local interest to visit our nursery, as well, but due to a very cold spring and some landscaping around and leading to our nursery, we haven't been able to get the new grass to grow! This has delayed welcoming our local customers to the nursery. But, we'll get there soon. 

At the end of the day, we love Japanese maples, and creating the opportunity to share this with others is extremely rewarding. In the USA, there are several nurseries that offer online sales and shipping but in Canada, almost no options. We want to change this. We currently offer approximately 60 different varieties/cultivars of Japanese maples and the list will continue to grow.

We hope you will join us for the ride. Look for us on Instagram, Facebook, our website and on our YouTube channel. 


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