Time is Slowing Down

I feel like in these hot days of summer that time is just slowing down. Can't seem to get any relief from the lack of rain and the generous amounts of sun and heat not in short supply. It's tough watching plants suffer. I have some trees that were absolute superstars last year and this year they look awful. Yet, others surprise you with their resilancy. Shade cloth, temporarily relocating potted plants and plenty of watering is all you can do in these hot days. If your trees are already established in the landscape then the worry is decreased. If they're not, here's hoping you have other shade plants, walls or other structures helping out.

Right now we are getting set up for summer grafting. As well as, ordering trees from suppliers for next year. So although the gardening season slows down, comparatively speaking to say spring time, there are always things I'm tending to here in our nursery. And fall won't be any different.

I hope your trees are thriving (and not just surviving the summer). And I thank you all again for your continued support. 

Ps. Props to the City of Nelson and their gardeners who have the good sense to plant lovely Japanese maples on their property. The picture attached to this blog is one such example. A lovely linearilobum, 'Atrolineare' possibly.

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