The New Trees Are Coming!

Well, despite the hectic times at the moment with having to break down our infrastructure for the move as well as load up and entire moving truck we got some great news last week.

We now know exactly what trees will be arriving from our supplier. You see, being the good people that they are, our supplier attempts to share the wealth amongst it's customers. So, we submit our order but that is not a guarantee of what we'll receive. Hence, when some of you lovely people ask about reserving trees it's impossible to do that. And, now that we know what trees we'll receive reserving is still not an option. We want to make sure of the good health of our trees before selling any of them, as well as ensuring everyone gets through the winter season safely.

Here's a short list of some of the awesome trees we are looking forward to offering:

Shojo no mai, First Ghost, Ukigumo, Grandma Ghost, Krazy Krinkle, Irish Lace, Aka shigitatsu sawa, Asahi zuru, Autumn Moon, Geisha Gone Wild, Lemon Chiffon, Dr. Brown, Twombley's Red Sentinel and many more varieties we are offering for the first time.

And, some old favorites like: Shishigashira, Beni Shichihenge, Toyama nishiki, Orange Dream, Omure yama, Purple Ghost, Filigree, Tiger Rose, Peaches and Cream and more.

So, stay tuned. Watch our YouTube videos (please Like and subscribe!) and find our trees for purchase here:

Thank you to all our loyal customers for making this a great first year so far. We are excited about serving you for many more years to come.

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