The Future of Shipping Our Larger Container Sizes

A source of frustration for you, the customer, no doubt, is when you find the tree you want but it's not available in the 1 or 2 gallon sizes which are the only sizes we ship. Trust me, this is frustrating for us, too. We've definitely been looking at this situation and want to make it work.

One real possibility might be shipping certain trees. For example,  possibly shipping weeping varieties that are in 3 gallon, and possibly 5 gallon, containers. Since these trees are shorter than their upright counterparts, that immediately shortens at least one of the dimensions on a shipping box. And when you can reduce those numbers, you can reduce the costs! One potential downside is that we may only be able to put one tree in a box. But this isn't for sure. 

How will you know if a 3 gallon is available for shipping? Perhaps we'll make a note of it in the tree description. At this point it's just not possible to ship all of our 3 gallon trees, some are just too tall for that. Dwarf trees would be another good candidate for shipping since they tend to be smaller in height. 

Stay tuned on this as we come up with a solution for this issue. We're confident we can probably get some of these trees shipped out this year. 

Til next time.


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