The Future

Let's talk about the future. Well, at least as it relates to the Simply Japanese Maples nursery. Where are we going and how will our business look in the coming years?

Something that has been on our radar since practically Day 1 is conifers. Trees are a little bit like flowers in a way, specifically mixing perennial and annual plants. Perennials come back year after year but don't necessarily bloom as fantastically as annuals. Whereas, annuals typically only last one growing season but they make gardens pop! Mixing annuals and perennials together often give some of the most fantastic flower gardens. Trees, such as deciduous trees, change colour and give us something different every season. But in the winter, they look like sticks. This is sometimes splendid particularly with the yellow and red of coral bark maples, or the twisty, turning undulations of an old weeping Japanese maple. But too much of it in your garden and it can look monotonous and well, stick-like. This is where coniferous trees come in. Not only do they offer something completely different, but they also provide winter interest in a garden full of "sticks".

Not only is there an extremely diverse collection of Japanese maples out there but the world of conifers is expanding as well. Conifers can have needles in colours of cream, yellow, green, blue, white and red. They can be variegated. They can change seasonally. The cones can also sometimes provide dramatic interest or contrast. And like our beloved maples, conifers come in an array of shapes, textures, and sizes, too. 

It is for the aforementioned reasons that we plan to offer conifers soon. We may very well have a small selection available this spring. Stay tuned for that.

A second thing I'd like to add to our offerings here at Simple Japanese Maples is bonsai material. Not so much mature specimens as such but rather seedlings of  species often used as well as, pre-bonsai. That is, some young plants which have been given some preliminary wiring and shaping. There are a number of reputable businesses offering bonsai trees and associated bonsai tools and supplies so we're not looking to jump into that space. However, we've had a number of people in the past ask us about bonsai so, it makes sense to offer not only maples for this purpose, but also the conifers. Back to the conifers again! 

Don't worry, our mission will continue to focus on Japanese maples and increasing the amount of varieties available to you. We are after all, Simply Japanese Maples.  


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