Still Shipping!

Summer is here, and yes, we're still shipping trees. Trying to keep an eye on the weather but so far, trees are still on the move.

Speaking of trees, still plenty of amazing trees to choose from. May we suggest also doing web searches on the trees you are considering to find out more. Mr. Maple, out of North Carolina,  puts out a lot of content and has a huge catalogue of trees they sell. They would be the number one web resource I would point at.  I know what you're thinking, what about Simply Japanese Maples being the number one go-to? Well, we've been in business for three years, Mr. Maple has been in business for more than 10! Plus, it's a family affair and their dad grafted and sold Japanese maples, and their grandma was planting Japanese maples 70 years ago. And now the Mr. Maple brothers, Tim and Matt Nichols, own Buchholz Nursery in Oregon, where dozens of incredible cultivars originated from courtesy of Talon Buchholz and friends. 

Back to this summer thing, still shipping and yes, you can still plant your trees. The main thing is, making sure the trees are mulched (2-3") with wood mulch, and watered very regularly in hot times. This could be every couple of days. If you plant your tree in a location where nearby plants shade the tree's rootball, then you will benefit from the sun protection those plants provided, and in turn, moisture retention as well.

So, enjoy summer. Enjoy your trees. Contact us with any questions on your Japanese maples, anytime. 

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