Sales Are Heating Up And Melting Winter Away

Well, after we received quite a bit of customer interest to start selling trees again, we gave you what you asked for and started selling trees. So far, it's been a great start to the season with returning customers and several new customers (welcome!). We made our very first sale to a customer in New Brunswick. Yay! 

In total we began the season with more than 70 varieties of Japanese maples available across our various sized containers. Some have been snapped up already! Varieties available this year that are brand new to us here. Ukigumo, Grandma Ghost, Krazy Krinkle, Aoyagi, Twombley's Red Sentinel, Shojo no mai, Taro yama, Jeddeloh Orange, Green Hornet, and many, many more. We are hoping to receive a number of varieties in the coming weeks that would give us even more new ones. Nothing official yet but the likes of Moonrise, Skeeters Broom, Tsukasa Silhouette, Emerald Lace and more. As well as, some returning trees such as Aureum, Red Dragon, Higasa yama, Katsura, Ryusen and more.

We are going to offer 3 gallon sized containers for mail order however it will be on a case by case situation. If there's a 3 gallon tree available on our website that you want please contact us to see if it's possible to ship. The dwarf and dissectum types will be more economical to ship due to their smaller stature. 

A note on shipping. Shipping is our greatest challenge at Simply Japanese Maples. We're not like the Amazons of the world where we can offer free shipping. Last time I checked the dude who owns that company is one of the richest individuals on the planet! We're a small business, but we absolutely have made it a priority to continue to ensure you don't pay anymore for shipping than necessary. This is accomplished when you maximize your order for the box size. In other words, filling the box up with trees. This is especially important for you customers NOT in BC or Alberta where shipping costs can be more than double what our customers in the west pay. Also, in some instances we've refunded a portion of your shipping cost when we can fit more trees into a package than originally thought, or if you've paid more than what we cross reference at Canada Post. We're interested in selling you trees, not gouging you with shipping!

Stay warm Canadians and buy Japanese maples. 

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