Roof Blown Off The Open House!

Well, it was a long time coming but we finally were able to have an Open House today and welcome local customers to our nursery. Naturally, it was pouring rain this morning and the grass pathways leading to the nursery had to be mowed (for the first time since the second grass seeding attempt). The rain this spring has been off the chart!

Anyway, a huge thank you goes out to everyone that showed up, and also happened to leave with armfuls of trees. It was a successful first day open to the local public. It's a special feeling to know all the hard work you put in is proving to have some merit. Proving that your business concept is valid. 

I also thank those who expressed interest but couldn't make it. There's still trees left for you! Make an appointment and come on over.

Not much else to say for now. Great day and looking for to other open house days in the future and meeting new customers and fellow Japanese maple fanatics.

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