Existing Order Update and 1 Gallon Sales Announcement

Once again, thank you to you lovely people who were so excited to get their season started that many of you ordered two months ago and have been waiting until now before they get shipped. Time for an update.

All the orders are ready awaiting shipment. I wanted to ensure the trees made it through winter due to challenging circumstances of both weather and having moved the entire nursery across the province!

A recent development has come to my attention just a day ago. I was noticing that some trees in our 1 gallon batch were not really showing much sign of bud swell or extension. Looking further, I discovered root rot in several trees' rootballs. It would seem the potting mix is overdone! It's composted beyond it's useful life. This comes as a total surprise because I just received these trees last fall from a supplier and this has not happened before. What does this mean for your trees?

A: I am taking action to save some trees. B: Some trees in the orders are affected. In fact, many of our 1 gallon trees not yet ordered are also in jeopardy. A very stressful situation for us here. C: Substitutions may need to be made or refunds.

With a period of hot weather here this weekend we'll have more information on which trees will be affected by this situation. There's a lot of repotting to be done to help save many trees. Once this is completed and the trees that are most affected appear to bounce back, I will put out a list of the trees that are available in order for any substitutions to be made. For those of you whose trees have not been affected I will ship the trees asap.

In addition to this, all further sales of 1 gallons are currently on hold until this situation is resolved.

Thank you for you patience. I know we are all excited about spring and our Japanese maples unfurling their leaves. This is just a bump in the road.


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