Open House in the Simply Japanese Maples Nursery in Powell River

Excited to finally announce a date for an Open House of our nursery in Powell River. If you are in the area, on Saturday June 4th we will be open (no appointments required) from 11-4 pm. Address is, 5648 Nelson Ave. Parking is on the street. Nursery is down the driveway and in the backyard. 

At this time, we request that you pay for any trees you decide to purchase directly through our website. This can be done either on your smartphone or on our computer at the nursery, or ahead of time. Two reasons for this: One, we don't have a payment terminal yet but intend to have one in the near future. And two, the traffic that goes to our website helps our business in a positive way. 

The nursery has all the same great trees that are on our website as well as, many others which may not be listed. Many of our 1 gallon containers are ready to be potted up to the next size, so there is good value in those since you're often getting a 2 gallon tree at a 1 gallon price. 

While here, you are welcome to walk around the yard and look at the Japanese maples planted in the landscape. We love to share the beauty of them with others. 

Please contact us with any questions at, 

See you soon!


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