New Trees Arriving!

Hey Japanese Maples Fans, lots happening at Simply Japanese Maples. Today the summer grafting season kicked off with 70 trees grafted. By the time we are finished the season in a couple weeks we'll have grafted several hundred. These trees take up to two years before they are ready for sale (sorry!). In the meantime , we continue to bridge the gap with wonderful selections from our wonderful suppliers.

Saying that, this week we'll be bringing in some more trees. Mostly 2 and 3 gallon sized trees. Here's a list of some of the trees you might expect to see at Simply Japanese Maples:

From the Acer palmatum group:  Shirazz, Red Dragon, Shaina, Crimson Queen, Aratama, Beni otake, Red Filigree Lace, Orange Dream, Ryusen, Peaches and Cream, Shishigashira, Sharp's Pygmy, Tiger Rose, Twombley's Red Sentinel, Ara kawa, Baldsmith

From the Acer shirasawanum (full moon maples) group: Autumn Moon, Jordan, Aureum

From the Acer japonicum group: Aconitifolium (mai kujaku/dancing peacock)

Business has been heating up lately and many of our trees have found new homes. If there are trees above which you know you want to purchase, please contact me. I may only be bringing one or two of each variety so there's no guarantee they will be available unless you are purchasing ahead of time. 

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