Lowered Shipping Prices

Time for some good news! Thanks to discounted rates we are now benefitting from due to the partnership between Shopify, our website platform, and Canada Post, we can pass the savings onto you. Some of you that put in orders recently will be receiving some partial refunds, particularly if they are significant relative to your total shipping cost. 

All provinces will see savings but the biggest savings will be seen particularly with the medium and large packages, and from locations farther away from our home province of BC. For example, from Ontario and east, a large package is now nearly $100 cheaper than previous! 

As a result, the estimated shipping rates that you see on the chart on the website shipping page have been updated, reflecting a closer estimate of what you should expect to be charged on an order. Plus, on the cart page you can still use the widget located in the bottom right corner to get a shipping estimate.

We appreciate that the cost of shipping prohibits some people from ordering trees from us. That's a reality that we can't change. And we truly appreciate those of you who do order trees. There's a lot of ways to spend your dollars and we are thankful that you want to spend them on our wonderful trees.



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