In The Future Our Boxes Hold More Trees

One thing that is always at the forefront of our minds is shipping. How do we get more trees at the best value to you?

When we first had to figure out the sizes we would use for our shipping packages it took some research with shipping carrier rates, plus utilizing the various heights and widths of our trees, and container dimensions to come up with some size options. We then had to have these custom made.

These custom boxes are surprisingly expensive. Each of our boxes averages about $4-5 not including any additional costs to pick them up from the manufacturer and our own labour during all this. And on top of this, we had to order a minimum of 60 boxes per size option. No small expense. 

So far, the package sizes have been adequate but we believe leave room for improvement. Which is exactly what we intend to do. 

Perhaps as early as next year, we hope to be able to ship more trees in some new box sizes. The greatest number of trees our largest package can carry is five. Our smallest package can hold only 1 gallon trees and a maximum of two. Our hope, is to be able to double the number of trees our smallest box can hold whilst still maintaining the lowest shipping cost. Additionally, we would like to see the smallest boxes be able to fit 2 gallon containers. Finally, it would be great to be able to get two or three more trees into our largest sized box.

All this takes time in the evolution of a business. We may love our Japanese maples, but we are very much customer-focused. We want to have the best selection of trees and have the best options for getting those trees to your doorstep. We'll get there. 


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