As previously mentioned, we've had some health issues with many of our 1 gallon trees. We have taken steps to remedy the situation however, now it's a matter of waiting to see how things work out. 

This means NO 1 gallon trees will be available for purchase for at least a couple months, until the trees have filled out their roots in their new container mix. Some trees are not going to survive-we already know this and are super bummed! And others may bounce back. This situation is where it's difficult when you are relying on a supplier vs. doing the work yourself. We have no control on the growing process before it gets into our hands, and we expect that not only the trees but the container mix is top notch. In this situation, I feel like we've been letdown by less than top notch growing medium and we didn't see it coming.

We have been grafting our own trees but it's a slow process and this past winter was the first decent success rate. Once we are grafting most of our own trees then most aspects of growing trees will be all on us. Succeed or fail. 

So, this is a damper on our selling season however, this stuff happens. We appreciate your patience and support.

In better news, the first five orders went out today. Customers in PE, NB, SK and BC. Yay! Looking forward to more Japanese maple connections. 

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