Fall Colours and Stuff

I just returned from Ontario and my sister's wedding. Fall colours were nice but not as nice as the colours on some of the Japanese maples in the nursery! In fact, when it comes to Japanese maples, if you plan right you can have amazing colours all through spring, summer and fall!

With that in mind, in the last blog post I told you about the supplier order I was making. Final numbers will be confirmed next March but it looks like we'll be receiving well over 100 varieties of Japanese maples, plus a few more companion plant trees. This is pretty exciting because it represents more than double the amount of varieties/cultivars that we started with in 2022. And that is AWESOME!

Again, confirmation of which trees will be coming won't be until March 2024. And there will be no pre-sales this time around. I will however give as much of a heads up as possible leading up to the time the trees are actually available for purchase.

Please note: NO FURTHER MAIL ORDER SALES FOR THIS YEAR. Local sales will still be available and as always, is by appointment only.  

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