Hey Folks, below is the updated availability for our available Japanese maples. These are all in 2 gallon size pots. There are a few trees that are smaller in size so those will be discounted BUT they aren't listed on the website as discounted. Please contact with any question if you would prefer a small, slightly cheaper tree. Furthermore, I can put two of these smaller trees into one medium box instead of the usual quantity of one.

We also have 1 gallon trees mainly in the form of our companion trees such as conifers and gingkos. And some Acer palmatum (green seedling). 

If you missed it, this year we had a pretty devastating loss of our 1 gallon maples. A lot of amazing trees were lost to root rot as a result of old, poorly draining potting mix from a supplier. It happened so fast and we weren't able to react fast enough to save more trees. But, we expect to be ordering trees from a new supplier (with an excellent selection of trees!) for next spring, as well as, from another supplier we teamed up with this spring. And the farther we get along in this ride, the more our own in-house grafted trees will become available. This means more control over the growing process and more control over the selection. 

Our mission has been and will continue to be, rare trees and a large selection to choose from. And of course, delivered to your door! Thanks to everyone who have helped to make this growing business possible. We're Japanese maples collectors just like you, not a corporate box store trying to cash in on a gardening trend. We care about our trees and our customers. 


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